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Celebration of Indonesia’s Archipelago rich culture

Festival Indonesia is a celebration of heritage and culture of Indonesia; jam packed with exciting events including food stalls, arts & culture, live music, cultural dance & performances, competitions, various workshops, information stalls and much more. It’s a successful and exciting annual event for all since its inception in 2003, attracting in excess of 10,000 locals and visitors to the venue.

The aim of the festival is to promote and build greater understanding about Indonesia and strengthen relationship between Indonesia and Australia. The key to the on-going and continued success of the Festival lies on the support and generosity of the local communities.

The Festival has become an increasingly important event not only to the life of Indonesian community in Australia but also to other multicultural communities, in Sydney, NSW.


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Seasoned Indonesia-lovers and adventurous armchair-travellers will be able to conjure their own Indonesia, drawing on an array of experiences and events which bring to life Indonesia’s vibrant colours and exquisite imagery, its tantalizing tastes and aromas, and the sound of its music – music of all forms.

The much-loved festival will fill Tumbalong Park once more with diverse stalls and activities exploring the different traditions, cuisines and crafts of Indonesia


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Jam packed with loads of Fun and Entertainment

10.00am – 12.30pm    Fun Family Games and Races including cracker eating race, sack race and marble race

12.40pm          Traditional Dance “Malauk” presented by Central Kalimantan Province

Malauk” mean to catch the fish. This dance is Malay creation dance that depicting about activity catch the fish at society of coastal area of river in Middle Kalimantan. Joking and glading among fisherman, making this dance also depict of good relationship at society of coastal area river.

12.40pm          Fashion Show and Dance presented by IAWA showcasing traditional wedding dresses from different ethnic groups in Indonesia

1pm                 Special Presentation and Parade, including live drumming, gamelan (a set of traditional Indonesian musical ensemble) and parade from different Indonesia ethnic groups

1.15pm            Opening Remarks by Indonesian Sydney Counsellor followed by song presentation by Matthew and Aaron

1.25pm               Live Band Performance presented by Hutabarat Band and The All Stars

2.15pm            Traditional Dance – “Kinyah Mandau Pangirik Lingu” presented by Central Kalimantan Province. This dance represent the dayaknese war dance wich simbolize of sprier, agility and soul head of all Dayak warrior in facing of incoming life trouble. Panggirik Lingu also mean the self that attendance fully in a spirit of God and confidence to advocate and defend of self, standing of faith and its society clan prestige.

2.30pm            1,000 Angklung Interactive

Experience the joy of playing Angklung with 1,000 other participants and create a magical sound of music led by one of Indonesia’s famous conductor.

3.22pm            Traditional Dance – “Wadian Dadas” presented by Central Kalimantan Province

This dance is the ritual healing dance using bangle sound at society of Dayak Maanyan tribe in Middle Kalimantan. Wadian Dadas mean the woman soothsayer or healers. At the time of executing ritual healing, wadian dadas will play the its hand bangle by rhythmic, so that release the ting-a-ling sound. compare of mistical bangle and dynamic music sound, trusted can call the magical strength to heal ill.

3.30pm            Traditional Dance “Rapai Geleng” from Aceh presented by Al-Ikhlas Students

Rapai” is the name of a tambourine used to accompany songs and dances. “Rapai Geleng” is a dance specially developed with this tambourine in mind. The movements are almost the same as in the “Ratoh Duek” dance, but the eleven to twenty female dancers handle one tambourine each, which gives a dance a very distinct and enjoyable flavor. A song with Islamic teaching accompanies the dance.

3.40pm                        Live Band Performance presented by Jogaroos

The ‘Jogaroos’ are a fresh and exciting new acoustic/folk band consisting of members from Australia, Indonesia and the UK. They formed in 2010 during a period of study exchange in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, – the band name being an abbreviation for ‘Jogja-kangaroos’.

4.07pm            Traditional Dance “Tari Piring” from West Sumatera presented by Al-Ikhlas Students

The Piring (plate) dance is one of the traditional dance from Solok, Minangkabau, West Sumatera. A dance symbolizing the farmer’s daily activities, such a tiling planting, wedding and harvesting. It is also an expression of the farmers feeling of joy and gratitude due to abundance of the harvest time when the young people swing their legs show their skill in manipulating plate during the dance. The dance was choreographed by Sopiani Yusaf.

4.15pm            Traditional Dance “Manalampas Dahian Bara” presented by Central Kalimantan Province

Manalampas Dahiang Baya (Ianguage of Dayak Ngaju) meaning to clean or refuse the army or forerunner bringing ugly things in life. In society of Tribe of Dayak Ngaju in Middle Kalimantan, barricade or difficulty to reach the good things oftentimes in marking by Dahiang, an unfavorable forerunner or hunch; that is felt by self, which visible in nature/environmental or shown by certain animal.

Manalampas Dahiang Baya’ dance represent the choreografy of Dayak Ngaju depicting an execution Balian (ceremony ritual) by all Lacquer of Bawin Balian (woman soothsayer). Ritual conducted to clean all Dayak warrior to leave for to face all challenge and barricade bothering pacification of society life.

4.25pm                        Live Dangdut Band Performance presented by Ricky & Salim

 4.50pm                        Live Band Performance presented by Andy’s band

 5.25pm                        Live Band Performance by Arvo band

Program is indicative only and may be subject to change without notice

Details of The Programs

Heda Batik Writing

Heda Batik

The much-loved festival will fill Tumbalong Park once more with diverse stalls and activities exploring the different traditions, cuisines and crafts of Indonesia

The much-loved festival will fill Tumbalong Park once more with diverse stalls and activities exploring the different traditions, cuisines and crafts of Indonesia



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